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After catching a rather obnoxious cold I decided to give Garth Nix's The Old Kingdom trilogy a re-read. Mixes happened shortly thereafter! :)

This one's a mix for the bells of the Abhorsen. I've annotated the tracks with descriptions of the bells from Sabriel.

Seven Devils from thisonething on 8tracks Radio.

To keep the Dead down from thisonething on 8tracks Radio.

This one's a bit more generally Abhorsen-themed. It's longer than the first, and my favorite of the two. :) I hope you enjoy if you decide to give them a listen!

By the by... where did this community's icon originally come from? Were there more, by any chance?
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Garth Nix updated his webspace with the following:

"I’m writing CLARIEL: THE LOST ABHORSEN at the moment. It is set about 300 years before the events of SABRIEL, in an extremely settled era of the Old Kingdom, where there is almost no threat from the Dead or Free Magic, and the Abhorsens are considered something between an archaic remnant of worse times and municipal rat-catchers. Clariel will probably be a 2013 release.

So who's excited? I am!
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Yuletide 2011 has produced a bevy of Old Kingdom stories: four for Yuletide, two for Yuletide Madness, and one (so far) for New Year's Resolutions. Check them out!

Also, Garth Nix has a new short story in Steampunk!, an anthology edited by Kelly Link and Gavin J. Grant, "Peace in Our Time." I nearly bought the book in B&N the other night; it's quite pretty, and the TOC looks pretty good.
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Yuletide, the annual rare and obscure fandoms exchange, is on it's last day of sign-ups! If you're interested, go here to sign-up. Sign ups close today, Sunday November 20 at 08:00PM EST.

Garth Nix's The Old Kingdom series is one of the eligible fandoms, and has the following eligible characters (characters you can either request or offer to write):

Old Kingdom Character List )

I totally requested Sabriel and Mogget fic in my sign-up! If you're doing Yuletide, check out [syndicated profile] yuletide_admin_feed for the feed from the official administrative community.
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Garth Nix has a new short story in the upcoming anthology Under the Moons of Mars: New Adventures on Barsoom, edited by John Joseph Adams.

It's a very high-powered TOC, and the book is available for pre-order. I suppose it's time to finally read Burroughs…

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Sabriel by *lokelani on deviantART

A gorgeous piece of fanart that I came across.
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Somehow time has slipped past and it's May 2011, the month of the release of Garth Nix' new children's fantasy series with Sean Williams, Troubletwisters.

The Australian website has an excerpt from the first book, among other goodies.

I have to admit, I still can't believe they literally called it 'the evil.'

As part of [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw, I thought I should try to give this community a kick in the pants. So! I'm curious, is anyone planning to read this series? I read The Seventh Tower years ago, and enjoyed it (for reference, I was in college at the time), but as good as Nix undeniably is at series fantasy, The Keys to the Kingdom have somewhat soured for me since I finished Lord Sunday last year, and I'm not feeling any particular urge to check out Troubletwisters immediately. But then, I've also never read any of Sean Williams' books. Am I making a mistake by not being the first to line up in the middle-grade section? 

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i just became aware of the Old Kingdom wiki yesterday via my circle. It looks like a great resource, but it's a bit sparse at the moment, and I'm sure the organizer would love more contributors and contributions, if anyone is so inclined! 
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Title: Letters
Author: Jay (jaythenerdkid/bewarethespork)
Fandom: Garth Nix - Old Kingdom trilogy
Characters/pairings: Nick/Lirael
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Spoilers: The entire trilogy, I suppose.
Prompt: From [personal profile] mercredigirl: Garth Nix's Abhorsen: The Creature in the Case, Nick/Lirael, love and the Wall.
Disclaimer: These are not the copyright holders you were looking for.
Author's Notes/Summary: Letters between Lirael, Daughter of the Clayr, and Nicholas Sayre.

( Read it at my journal. )
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Garth Nix posted an excerpt from his new Old Kingdom novella "To Hold the Bridge" at his website a few days ago. On his Facebook page he reveals that it's set around the same time as Clariel, about 400 years before Sabriel.


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Garth Nix announced on his Facebook page a couple days ago that he and fellow Australian writer Sean Williams will be collaborating on a new children's book series for Scholastic (US), Egmont (UK) and Allen & Unwin (Australia). It will be called Troubletwisters, and will follow two siblings who move from the city to the country to live with their grandmother, getting mixed up in the age-old fight against The Evil in the process.

More info on Nix' FB page here.

(Irreverent comment: The Evil? Seriously?)
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Via Cecilia Dart-Thornton on Facebook:

Legends of Australian Fantasy
, which contains the new Old Kingdom novella "To Hold the Bridge," will be available June 2010.

Table of contents )
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Given that the book has been out for three weeks, I'm curious to see what everyone who read The Keys to the Kingdom thought of the final book.

First I have a general question: Arthur's country reads as pretty much Australia to me, a U.S.-ian, for various reasons; what do Australians and other readers from the English-language market think?

I also think, given that the book is dedicated to Roger Zelazny and Philip Jose Farmer, that I am possibly missing resonances throughout the series by not having read either author. Has anyone here read either author? If you did, are there any similarities, would you say? 

I was going to put spoilers under a cut, but I think I can get by without spoilers (though I imagine comments will have them): basically, I liked the ending. I thought it was a good way to resolve the various dilemmas and did a decent amount of justice to all the plot threads Nix had running. I was highly disappointed in the ending to Superior Saturday, but Lord Sunday was much more satisfying.

So, what did everyone else think? 

Also, I have a more extended review here at my journal.

Also, I ♥ Suzy Blue. I think I need that on a bumper sticker or something.
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Nix posted the beginning of his upcoming Old Kingdom novelette, "To Hold the Bridge", in his penultimate post for He also linked to these illustrations for Sabriel by Baltimore artist Keli Clesemier. Pretty cool.

To Hold the Bridge )

"To Hold the Bridge" is forthcoming in July 2010 in Legends of Australian Fantasy.
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According to Garth Nix, "To Hold the Bridge" will be coming out later this year in an anthology edited by Jack Dann and Jonathan Strahan.

ETA: And Nix will be at the Emirates International Festival of Literature in Dubai next month.

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Mostly plucked from Facebook and the Australian Keys to the Kingdom site (anyone in Australia seen the book in person yet?)...

First off, Garth Nix is currently writer-in-residence at He says in his intro post that he may be able to reveal info on heretofore-secret projects later on...

Next, a PDF excerpt of the book can be found here, while a podcast of the sample chapters is available here at Allen & Unwin and here on iTunes.

Australian fans will have these opportunities to see Nix in person this month. The rest of us can check out his recent appearance on The Author Hour here on Facebook.

As a sidenote, though the official U.S. release date for Lord Sunday is 16 March, computer systems in Borders list the book as appearing on 1 March. I know I'll be hitting the bookstore that day.

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In case anyone was wondering, Google's search-within-websites function doesn't find Facebook status updates. Despite that, however, I have extricated all the bits of Lord Sunday that Garth Nix has posted to his Facebook page since he announced the book's release...which is two months from today, 16 March 2010, in the States, and in two weeks, 1 February 2010, in Australia. \0/

In honor of which, I am not only reposting all of those same bits, as well as this link to an interview Nix did with last November. It contains further information about Imperial Galaxy and its accompanying novel, as well as lots of Nix's thoughts on writing for various age groups and a little bit of information about his future projects.

The Australian cover, with synopsis visible, can be viewed here. (The bits below are in reverse chronological order: earliest last.)

Let the Will be done.  )
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"Bad Luck, Trouble, Death, and Vampire Sex" in Eclipse One, ed. Jonathan Strahan. AmazonPowell's

2008 )

2009 )

If I've missed any, let me know.
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Yuletide Treasure is an annual small fandom fiction exchange; the 2009 edition is hosted on the Archive of Our Own, and features fanfic written for both the Old Kingdom and the Keys to the Kingdom series.

Brief summaries and links for each fic (written for Yuletide and for Yuletide Madness) below the cut.

The Keys to the Kingdom )

The Old Kingdom books )

Recs? Sites? Epic WIPs? Share them with the community!
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