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thebainherald: Two in the folk who keep the Dead down (the abhorsen's key)

The Bain Herald

The writings and fans of Garth Nix

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Name:The Bain Herald
Website:Garth Nix' Offical Website
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A community for news and content about Garth Nix' works.
This is a community for news, discussion, sharing, links and fannish content related to the works of the Australian science fiction and fantasy author Garth Nix. Welcome!

Your intrepid admin is [personal profile] starlady. Please put spoilers behind cuts, keep discussion respectful, and make sure posts are on-topic. Also, please make sure to tag your posts appropriately! Finally, no intro posts necessary; once you're in, you're in.

Other rules may evolve along with the community; please PM the mod for any technical, abuse, or spam-related concerns.

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a confusion of princes, abhorsen, drowned wednesday, fantasy, garth nix, grim tuesday, imperial galaxy, lady friday, lirael, lord sunday, mister monday, sabriel, science fiction, shade's children, sir hereward and master fitz, sir thursday, superior saturday, the keys to the kingdom, the old kingdom, the ragwitch, the seventh tower
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